9/6/2021 e-Orientation Day

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2 min readJun 9, 2021


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Today is 9th June 2021. Today is my orientation day. I was so excited about it at first but after a few hours I feel it boring.

Our Chief Operating Officer was speaking and sharing his ideas. He is cool.

Asia Pacific University’s first e-orientation day photo by Witson.
Asia Pacific University’s first e-orientation day photo by Witson.

I had been sitting on the chair for 5 hours(02.00pm-07.00pm). My back is screaming. Imagine the e-orientation day tomorrow, it’s time is 10.00am-05.00pm. I have to be sitting for 7 hours !!!

After the event, I have a dinner with my family. My dad cooked ‘Mee Siam’. I ate 3 plates of them. I don’t know why am I so hungry.

After the dinner, I feel so exhausted because I have eaten too much. I fell in sleep for a while. I just took a bath after I woke up. After bathing, I write this diary immediately because I promise myself that I must write a story everyday before 00.00am.

Good night ❤, hope my back will be having a good day tomorrow.

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晚安❤, 希望我的背明天能愉快。



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